Comic Reading Project #8 (December 31, 2013)

Comics from August 2013

August 1 Warlord of Mars #12

August 2 Warlord of Mars #5

August 3 Warlord of Mars #6

August 4 Super Mouse #25

August 5 Algie #3 (Accepted Reprint)

August 6 Grim Ghost #3

August 7 Tip Top #166

August 8 Goofy #24

August 9 Little Eva #3

August 10 Detective #355

August 11 Dennis the Menace #50

August 12 Viet Nam Journal #15

August 13 Sparkler #55

August 14 Batgirl #1

August 15 Sparky #1

August 16 Batgirl #2

Comic Reading Project #7

Comics from May 2013

May 1 Metal Men #31

May 2 Scamp #32

May 3 Flash Gordon #17

May 4 Adventures into the Unknown #56 (with 3D Truevision)

May 5 Joe Palooka #2 (British edition)

May 6 Flash #177 (Flash gets a swelled head)

May 7 Freddy #46 (one of the 10 worst comics I read this year)

May 8 Adventure #254

May 9 Casper Space Ship #2

May 10 Oz Squad #9 (better than expected modern take on the classic)

May 11 Boy Comics #115 (A coverless copy near the end of the run, Clint Curtiss now in college)

The Comic Reading Project #7 (December 25, 2013)

The comic books for April 2013

April 1 The Monkees #4 (Monkees work in a department store, search for gold mine).
April 2 Jimmy Olsen #79 (Jimmy becomes the Red Headed Beatle of 79 B.C." in the first Beatles story in comics).
April 3 Jet Power #2
April 4 Top Detective #9 (Young King Cole, Homer Beagle, Dr. Drew, End of the Line text story).
April 5 Dynamic #1
April 6 Sad Sack #95 (Sad Sack (thinks he) has a trouble-free day.
April 7 Kiddie Kapers #14 (I.W. Super)
April 8 Marmaduke Mouse #14 (I.W. Super)
April 9 Muggsy Mouse #14 (3rd I.W. Super #14 in a row)

Heavenly House on the Hill (November 15, 2013)

Last week we went to West Side Church of Christ in Salem Va on a Monday night to hear John Shannon, a black preacher from Memphis. Even in 2013 it is still a little unusual in this part of the world to see a black preacher in a church setting so white even though he himself affirmed there's no such thing as a black church or a white church (even so church is the last bastion of segregation and there are churches that are all-black or all-white.) There was a small contingent of black congregants there to hear him that probably wouldn't have attended otherwise.

Fall Roanoke Valley Comicon 2013 (November 7,2013)

The fall edition of Chris Garbee's Roanoke Valley Comicon was moved to the larger facility at the Roanoke Civic Center. Turnout was huge, the largest for the Valley in this century. Also a huge turnout for the costume contest, which was a lot of fun.

Cosplay has really exploded in the last few years. Record turnouts earlier this year at the Rob Con in Bristol and the Charlotte Comicon were in part due to the huge numbers of costumed attendees. That seems to be the wave of the future.

The Moonshine Man (November 1, 2013)

Jack Powell died last week. For over 30 years he was Virginia's top Revenuer Man, busting illegal moonshine stills for the state's A;lcohol Beverage Control agency.

From the late 1950s into the 1990s, he was an Old School still buster, using an ax he called "The Devil." After his retirement, he recounted some of his exploits in a series of books titled "A Dying Art."

The Great Shawsville Comic Collection Theft (September 20, 2013)

A multi-million dollar comic book collection is the focus of a local court case.

Last week in Montgomery County Court, a judge ruled that Justin Stump was not liable for restitution for three valuable comic books he was accused of stealing. Stump was found guilty of other charges of grand larceny and sentenced to 3 years and 4 months in prison. However, Judge Marcus Long did not impose a restitution order for the comic books in question.

Vintage and Flea (September 19,2013)

Attendance and sales down for both the Virginia Vintage and Hillsville Flea Market this year; but after last year's string of killer shows, not at all unexpected. Highlight for this year's Vintage show: an appearance by former Congressman and Contsitutional Party presidential candidate Virgil Goode (his mom bought him a Spiderman #1 off the racks back when; he hated it, put it away unread, and later sold it for a nice sum through Heritage Auctions).

Huge turnout at shows (August 7, 2013)

The last two shows I attended, RobCon in Bristol on July 27, and Charlotte Comicon on August 4, drew record setting crowds. Announced attendance at both one-day events was over 1,500.

I can remember several years ago when both of these shows would attract around 300 people. The huge increase in interest shows how big the back issue comic market has become.

Next up for the region: our own Virginia Vintage Comics and Collectibles Show at the Salem Virginia Civic Center, Saturday, August 17 from 10-5. Admission is still a vintage-era $2 for adults, 12 and under free.