Almost here (July 21, 2011)

Here is one last post before the Vintage show Saturday. It is shaping up to be a great show; I know, everyone says that all the time, but this one is really looking good. I know a few years ago I was burned out and fatigued and just didn't have energy on the eve of the show, but I'm really upbeat.ure, when things look great you can have a black swan that causes everything to unravel, and then sometimes what looks like a pending trainwreck can somehow work out just fine. Here are a few things that I feel good about:

*this is the most publicized show we've had. Great newspaper coverage, a pre-event tv interview (you can still view it at the website, go to SEARCH and clicki "14th Annual" or "Comic Book" This is by far the heaviest use of social media, and there is good buzz from having gas card door prizes.

*so far I know of five significant collections being brought to the show (just hours ago I hear from a local couple who are still debating whether to bring a massive collection or wait until 2012). Four of those feature old comics, and the fifth is a high grade, unread original owner bronze age collection.

Check it out!