Apirl 18, 2010
This month marks the 20th anniversary of the television debut of Twin Peaks. I became an avid fan, in those days the only way to watch it was analog, and with the distance from the station in Lynchburg, it was like watching it through a blizzard. I would have to climb up on the roof to fine tune the outside antenna. Occasilonally a friend with good reception would make a VCR tape for me. The show resonated with a lot of boomers, as David Lynch refigured the Eisenhower-early Kenneday America of mid-20th century (Sheriff Harry Truman, Ronette Pulaski, Josie Packard). But the show faded badly; the first season was one of the best tv series ever, the second season was one of the worst.
April 17, 2009
FInally, the Comic Show Season gets underway. After only one show over the last four months, I'll be setting up at three over the next three weeks. Tomorrow, Saturday, will be the annual Children's Miracle Network show at the Fairgrounds at Gray, Tennessee, operated by Mike and Teresa Stevens. This is a comics/toy/hobby show and I've had some very good purchases at the show. Hours are 9-5.
Next week, April 25, the Rovacon at Salem Civic Center, one of the fastest growing shows around. Hours are 10-5.
January 1, 2009
Incredible Hulk #250 CGC slabbed 9.4 Near Mint (Hulk vs. Silver Surfer) $50. (eBay stores have listed CGC 9.4 for as much as $159.) Add $4 shipping and handling.
Alum Ridge Industries/717 Harris Hollow Road/Floyd, VA
2009 could be a big year for comics. 2008 featured our best show ever (Heroes), our best one day show ever (Bristol Mall), and the largest attendance ever for the Virginia Vintage Show (Salem). This came as local gasoline prices neared $4 a gallon. Last week's show at Charlotte had one of its best turnouts ever.
This it the first "This Week's Special" for Virginia Vintage Comics website.
Specials will usually be posted on Sunday each week and run for one week. 
Specials are usually above average items which are discounted for the week they are featured. If not sold during the feature week, they revert to regular inventory and previous prices.
This week's special item "World Without Men," an Ace paperback by Charles Eric Maine, complete and unabridged (1957). D-series, #274, 35 cent cover.
"They had forgotten what men looked like," says the cover blurb.
The world of 5, 000 years from now was a world of only one sex--women. Babies were created by laboratory techniques. There was one all-important project that supplied humanity's only motive for continued existence: the struggle to re-create the male sex.
This book is an overlooked classic, a poor man's "Brave New World". Published just when gender and reproductive issues were starting to come to the forefront of society, this is one of the mid-20th century science fiction novels that still resonates today.
Very good condition. Special price: $10.00. Click "About" for shipping information.