Solo #1 (January 8, 2016)

Today's Comic is Solo #1, from DC 2004.
In my daily Comic Reading Project, it isn't often that I check out modern comics. And it is even less often that I find one worthwhile. But Solo #1 was a delightful surprise.

DC published 12 issues of the anthology series, featuring works of its top artists of the day. Sometimes anthologies don't work, but this one does. It features works by Tim Sale. There are no earth-shaking mega-events that would serve as story boards for blockbuster movies. Rather, these are slice-of-life vignettes, like New Yorker stories with an O. Henry twist.

In "Date Knight," Catwoman flirts with Batman. (That's it: the whole story).
Supergirl stars in "Young Love," reconnecting with a boyfriend from the past.
In another story, teen-aged Clark Kent gets a date to the high school prom.

There are three other stories, which feature no well-known superheroes. All are brief, quick (one, or few scenes), lightweight, but with a powerful emotional punch. One of the best modern comics I've read in a long time.