Today's Comic: Dynamic #19 (1946) September 25, 2015

Today's comic is a good Golden Age anthology book Dynamic #19, with a mix of superhero, adventure, humor, military, detective and space stories.
Dynamic Man and Dynamic Boy come to the aid of boys scammed out of summer camp experience. The Echo battles giant bats and villains, with his (super) power of ...ventriloquism?
Ima Slooth is a cartoony female Sherlock Holmes.
Sergt. Bell allows himself to be demoted to solve a robbery-at-sea.
The centerfold is a 2-page spread of gags.
Yankee Boy solves a murder.
Dan Hastings is about to pop the question to Cora when an interstellar incident breaks out. (He gets a second chance when order is restored.)
And Mr. E solves a mystery.
Plus there's a page of baseball gags, and two text stories: a boy survives a hit-and-run attempt, and a detective has a thing about fedoras.
They don't make 'em like that any more!