Our 18th year (August 20, 2015)

Only two days until the Virginia Vintage Comics and Collectibles Show at the Salem, VA Civic Center. Here are a few notes about the show:
WEATHER: The seven day forecast for this week: showers and thunderstorms every day EXCEPT Saturday, the day of the show!
VENDORS: Some dealers gear -- or at least tweak -- their inventory for this show, and its probably a good idea to do it again. Among the wants I've heard over the last few weeks: Westerns, low-grade Golden Age and Silver Age keys. One collector is looking for vintage 78rpm records. Incoming collections could be above average this year; one lady says she has a box of 1940s and 1950s with several number ones, a guy has GCG Rulah and Sheena (both of them are probably 50-50 if they'll make it. Another woman has a collection of all 1940s (mostly Westerns and Dells, but still...). One man says he is bringing his remaining Walking Dead (only 2 issues, #2 and #19), the only one I've seen is a 70s collection of DC, Marvel, and a Pep with a double-cover, and one vendor is moving out of the area and wants to liquidate his entire collection (50s to 80s). And then there's always an unexpected collection that comes in occasionally...
COLLECTORS: Expect to see one of the best selections of old comics and collectibles we've had. Also, this year we are having CASH giveaways throughout the day (not checks, not cards, not certificates, but U.S. Currency in increments of $25 and $50, so stick around as long as you can!)
Set up for vendors begins at 8:00 and doors open at 10:00.