CBG, R.I.P. (January 16, 2013)

Last week it was announced that Comics Buyer's Guide magazine was going out of business, and a few days later, I got the final issue in the mail. It was issue #1699; couldn't they have waited another month and gone out with a landmark #1700?

CBG was the only periodical I subscribed to. I began reading in the mid 90s when it was a weekly tabloid. The articles were great, the advertisements absorbed hours of attention. Several years ago CBG switched to a monthly magazine format, and when it became the smart person's Wizard, the end was inevitable. The magazine started in a thick squarebound format of about 250 pages, and as ads dried up, the size shrank to about 60 pages. Increased printing and postage costs, declining ad revenues, not hard to see the writing on the wall...

The change in format was unsurvivable. As a newsprint weekly, it was a comics club where you could be cute without consequence. I had several letters published and bought ads, both to promote the vintage show and to sell my comics. One ad for "good girl comics" mentioned "Teena, Sheena, Sabrina, Lulu woo-woo!" In another ad, I took off on the popular sellers meme of "Great cover!" By describing each of about 30 comics in the ad as having a "Great cover!" with one crime comic issue with crooks crawling out from a manhole in the street as "Grate cover!"

The first Virginia Vintage comic show also got a feature article on the inside back cover, a prestige location, editor Maggie Thompson told me. So many print publications are going out of business. Working for a newspaper that is part of Warren Buffet's publishing empire may allow me to finish out my work career and then retire to full-time comic book reading!