Resolution 2013 (January 2, 2013)

One goal/resolution for 2013 (its better to try and do less than do more): Read a comic book each day (fall back position: "per day," get to 365 for the year one way or another).

I started off yesterday. I had a comic book picked out for several weeks, then on Jan 1, I picked up another instead and started reading it. "Crack Comics, #47" from 1947, which I think I bought at the Hickory, NC show in 2011. I plan to read one each day, but I won't blog about all of them.

Crack #47 features a Captain Triumph lead story. Lance Gallant becomes Captain Triumph when he touches a birthmark on his arm and he is reunited with the ghost of his twin brother Michael and is turned into a superhero. In this story, Lance (and Michael) and friends Kim and Biff battle a mad scientist seeking to build a master race. This was Reed Crandell's first issue with Captain T.

Other features include:

*Beezy, a teen-humor story, with Beezy looking to impress Evonda's father (Judge Van Der Futzy) by dressing as her father for a man-I-admire-the-most contest. Mistaken-identity hijinks ensue.

*Pen Miller, the cartoonist detective, who gets tickets to the Kid Dooley fight and gets into a ringside fight himself.

*Molly the Model, three one-page strips, with Molly getting abused in a wife-of-a-Caveman photo shoot, Molly and Pop going for a ride in a new car, and Molly featured in a billboard ad for Bon Ton Brand Fansi-Scanties. Molly was actually the first Golden Age model, dating to Crack #1, paving the way (and not as well remembered) as Torchy, Katie Keene, and Millie.

*Hack O'Hara, the toughest New York cabbie; he becomes suspicious of one of his fares and follows him and mayhem ensues. In the background of one of the panels, the Comic Factory is across the street from Lady Lingerie.

*Floogy the Figi: a South Pacific native and his brother Fuzzy enter a kite-making contest and laughs ensue.

*Allah and the Hawk: a text story, about Eric using his airplane to get the "Moslems" to turn against the outlaw Hawk. A cut above most Golden Age text stories.

*Slap Happy Pappy: a one-page humor story. Zeb Fizz strikes oil on his Ozark farm, and the hill folk host a contest to pick a wife for him. Mama gets Thelma to enter, and Thelma doesn't look bad in her blue polka-dot bikini, but things don't go according to plan.

*Inkie: the 3-inch high boy is exhausted and looking for a place to rest, when he spies a doll house in a toy shop window. But Inkie has miles to go before he sleeps.

There are also comic panels in a back-of-the-book Schwinn Bicycle ad, and a back cover Charles Atlas ad, where Jack uses the Atlas system to handle bullies at the dance and win the admiration of Helen.

Now that's the way to start a new year! It shouldn't be hard to stick to this resolution if all of the comics are this good!